About the game

We tried to create an Android game back in Dec 2012 but it was mostly a flop. So here we are again, trying to make amends for the mistake that took place and make it up to our beloved fans by getting a 3D racing game which focus on a Colombo landscape! No more waiting, free download for Android devices here! Do give a rating too (hopefully a 5 if you like it, thanks! :) )


The game is released for Android devices (phones, tabs, plablets) as well as for PC and Mac.

Colombo Racer Android Image

Free Download to desktop/laptops:
For those wanting PC version, download here
For those wanting Mac version, download here


These are some of the features in the game

  • Sprinter race (1 lap)
  • Circuit (3 laps)
  • Knockout (race with 3 competing race drivers, 3 laps)
  • Complete Colombo landscape